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The basics of hitting from the US Olympic softball coach


One-Minute Bread

Kitchen Hack: One-Minute Bread – Stepcase Lifehack.

Google Reader – Play

Google Reader – Play.

The Panic Status Board

Using a live dashboard to drive progress, The Panic Status Board.

Types of Bitches

Types of Bitches 1-14 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Magnetic Field Detector Recommendation

“My wife and I are buying a house. We have a young child. We want to know how much magnetic field a house we’re considering is subject to. I Know, I know, there is NO conclusive proof for or against high voltage power lines causing health problems. BUT, I’m in the “just in case, better safe than sorry school.” SO, can the community recommend a good 3 axis magnetic field detector under $500 that can tell me AC (and perhaps DC) magnetic field strength in milligauss and/or microtesla and start at around 1mG (and up) in detection range.”

via Magnetic Field Detector Recommendation | Ask MetaFilter.

Spend the $500 on a good therapist instead.