Beans and Cornbread

Beans and Cornbread: Feeding Souls a Mile Deep : NPR.

I had a sudden memory this week of my Mother serving brown beans and cornbread for dinner, the cornbread hot and crusty and straight from the skillet, and the beans savory and topped with some chopped onion.  It is real food, the kind I have rarely eaten recently, but that my wife and I are exploring.  So I found a cornbread recipe online from that most closely resembled my memory, and made a couple of batches.  I served it once with chili, and once with pinto beans out of a can.  Now I’d like to learn how to make the beans, and in looking for a recipe, found this article.

“For a true West Virginian, nothing compares to sitting down to a steaming bowl of brown beans served up with a crumbly wedge of homemade cornbread (or grit bread, as we like to call it). Simmered all day in a cast-iron pot with a big slug of fatback, brown beans have warmed the bodies and souls of many hardworking men and women of the Appalachian coalfields.”


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