Monthly Archives: May 2008

One of the benefits of having eaten like crap for a long while

is that once you get back on the wagon diet wise you have a crap load of water weight to dump. I have dropped 10 pounds since Sunday, I know it isn’t “real” weight, but it still motivates me, and it still makes the pants fit a little better.


Dammit Dammit Dammit

Third failure post in a row. I’m pissed. I spent the last 3 1/2 months traveling on business, eating like crap and making every excuse under the sun not to work out. I have ballooned back up to 282. Filled with self loathing and feelings of failure right now, but want to use this motivation to jump start myself back into action.

I started low carbing again on Sunday, and can already feel my body dumping water weight. To build on this momentum I will back back in the gym tomorrow working back up to a complete workout. Based on my sluggery over the last months, I suspect this will take time.