Low Carb Diets and Post Workout Nutrition

 So I have been studying the question of what a low carber should be looking at for post workout nutrition.  The best article I have seen about it is this interview with John Berardi.

So although it’s customary to prescribe low carb (especially low GI) diets for those with some degree of insulin resistance, the post exercise period is the one time of the day when insulin tolerance is much better than the rest of the day. So use this time to promote growth and recovery. You can use the rest of the day to avoid carbs and take supplements to improve glucose and insulin tolerance.

Given the catabolic state that occurs post workout, the ability for an insulin spike to halt that process and begin the anabolic process much more quickly, and the increase in insulin sensitivity post workout, I am going to experiment with adding a post workout carb and protein drink. Specifically Surge from Biotest. A friend at work tells me I am a giant sucker on this, I may be, but I’ll evalutate it base on results.  Surge provides 46g of Carbs and 25g of protein in the forms of d-glucose, whey-protein hydrolysate, and maltodextrin. I am interested to see if 1) I continue to lose weight on a low carb plus post workout carbs diet, or 2) If I don’t continue to lose weight, do I at least start putting on muscle mass.

Source: John Berardi – wannabebig.com Interview, Part 3


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