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Sunday Weigh In: 262.8

40 pounds since January 1st.   When I say it out loud that sounds really good. I am really excited about getting close to being in the 250s again. It has been at least 10 years since I have weighed that little (with the exception of a few brief weeks last year due to health reasons).

I was getting concerned as I had stalled for a over a week after going on vacation. After reading posts at T-nation about others who had stalled, I took some advice and took a carb-break for one whole Saturday. I didn’t go completely crazy, but I did eat all the carbs I wanted to, including dessert!  I worked out hard the following morning and noticed that I had a very high level of energy and endurance, but even more than that I noticed a HUGE pump.  From what I gather, this has to do with replenishing my glycogen stores through the carb day.  I may experiment with including one carb-meal a week in my diet for a while to see how things progress.


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Sunday Weigh In: 269.0


Between the diet and the continuing commitment to exercise, the pounds are really coming off right now. This week I transitioned hardcore to Chad Waterbury’s Total Body Training and man am I sore. I have been hitting squats much heavier than I have been recently, and as a result, I am feeling the difference. My legs in particular are quite sore.