Sunday Weigh In: 274.4

Well now, that’s more like it. In fact, that’s a little fast for my taste.  Over the last week I lost 4.2 pounds which puts me at 27.6 pounds lost since Jan 1.  I’m pretty proud of my progress so far, and this rate makes it very likely that I will hit 30 pounds lost sometime this week. I am really curious (and wish I had a better way of knowing) how much lean body mass I have gained or lost.  I know that I can see that my arms are bigger than they were when I started, and my chest is certainly more defined than it was (less droopy man-boobs) and my waist is certainly smaller.

I really wish now I had gotten a good body fat measurment to start with along with measuring my chest, arms, waist, belly and a shirt off pic that I could compare with. I know that all of those things have improved, I just don’t have the ability to quantify it.


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