Medstory, high quality medical serch engine.


I ran across Medstory in some news stories as they have recently been purchased by Microsoft.  I really like this search engine.  Last year I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and ended up losing 45 pounds in two months then putting it all back on plus more while on prednisone.  During this time I did a lot of searching on the web for information about the disease, treatment, and current research.  I wish I had known about Medstory then.

When I search for ulcerative colitis on Medstory. The initial results page was interesting and very useful.  The first thing I noticed was tabs in the top right:

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For health and research, the intial page is the health page, the research page leads to high quality cutting edge research results.  On each tab there are ways to refine your search topically:

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These allow you to click on them and search just on the related term, or to do a refined AND search on your original topic plus the new search term. The length of the bars show the relative frequency of the search terms listed. The initial results listed at the bottom of the page are from the web, however there is a button bar that allows you to refine your target by clicking:

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Focusing your search on News Media, Clinical Trials or Research Articles instead.



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