Do microbes and viruses contribute to making us fat?

 Now I’m a little skeptical here, this sounds like just another way for us of the grand largesse to fob off responsibility for our obesity to something other than our own pieholes, nevertheless, this is interesting.  CBC Radio Quirks & Quarks for February 17, 2007 reports on research that suggests precisely that

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, is also looking for factors that contribute to obesity. He’s been studying microbes that live in the gut, and has found that the types of bacteria found in the stomach vary between obese and lean mice. Not only that, but by transferring these bacteria into other mice, he can influence whether they’ll turn out skinny or fat.
In a similar vein, Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar is also looking at microbes. But he’s studying viruses. He’s found a virus that infects chickens, and makes them gain weight. He’s tested humans and found that some obese people carry the same virus, suggesting it may be infecting us, too.

Article: CBC Radio | Quirks & Quarks | February 17, 2007

Listen: CBC Radio | Quirks & Quarks | February 17, 2007


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