Subway Carb Conscious Wraps

I’m not huge on low carb specific foods, I think a lot of times they end up being “fake” foods with a lot of engineered ingredients that I’m not too wild about. Still, I have been looking for a reasonably healthy choice to eat on the run. Wrap wasn’t bad (if you like tuna sandwiches), the actual flavor of the wrap itself wasn’t great, so I ended up cutting off the ends where there were a number of layers of wrap. Other than that it was pretty good. Looking at the other nutritional information, the fat grams are pretty high and so is the sodium.

Tuna Wrap (7 net carbs)
209g Serving Size
440 Calories
290 Calories from fat
32.0 Fat (g)
6.0 Saturated Fat(g)
0.5 Trans Fats(g)
45 Cholesterol(mg)
1310 Sodium (mg)
16 Carbohydrates (g)
9 Fiber (g)
1 Sugars (g)
27 Protein (g)


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