Joining a Gym

I work out at Gold’s Gym. For a long time I was very intimidated to join a gym. I mean, come on, you’ve seen the commercials as much as I have. Hard bodies bouncing around and sweating to hard driving music looking like they are having the greatest time in the world. That’s not me, not by any stretch of the imagination. Well, reality (of course) is very different. In my gym the clientèle are a wide range of ages, at 33 I probably am in the younger 1/3 of those there. Sure, there are the people there who are in great shape, but most of us are going through the same kind of struggle to varying degrees. Part of the intimidation factor for me was feeling that even though I am a large man (and not just weight-wise) I am not very strong in my upper body (my legs on the other hand are strong like ox from carrying fat boy around all day), I was self conscious about having people seeing this big guy lifting teeny tiny weights. Well, as it turns out, everyone starts with teeny tiny weights (mostly) and I have gotten stronger quicker than I expected. It is also hard to be intimidated when the two people working out next to you are two ladies in their mid sixties doing their dead level best to ward off osteoporosis.

So don’t be intimidated, sign up and start working out, it gets easier every time you go. Start slowly, but I’ll elaborate on that in another post.


One response to “Joining a Gym

  1. When’s the best day to start change? It’s today! And yes, every start may be small but just think of how big it gets everyday, until you reach your goal. It’s just a matter of positive outlook in life and a lot of discipline. Thanks for sharing!

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