Skipping a workout

Jeez, this is the time that always challenges me. Today I skipped my workout. The buddy I usually go with was busy, and at the end of the day I just got in my truck and went home. Now in previous attempts to “get in shape” I would feel lousy about that decision all evening, and pretty soon the whole working out thing would become purely negative and I would stop. This time around I am trying to be more positive and take the long view. In the course of a month I would like to work out 16 times or so, 12 weight training and 4 aerobic, I think that my goal needs to be getting a B+ in working out so 85% or better that means I can skip 2 or 3 times a month without beating myself up too badly. So my mindset tomorrow will be “Enjoyed my day off, now let’s go kick ass!” rather than “You big lazy loser, you have GOT to work out today…”

I’ll see…


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