The Goal

I am starting this Blog as a place to record my efforts to quit being a fatass. When I weighed myself the morning of Jan 1st. I was 302 pounds, six pounds short of the most I have ever weighed. So starting then I began yet again an effort to “eat right” and “workout”.

In the past I have lost a bunch of weight by low carbing, but I always stopped and began gorging myself. This time around I am “slow carbing” eating carbs but concentrating on low Glycemic Index foods. Maybe this will make things more sustainable.

As of this morning I weighed 288 pounds, so thus far I have lost 14 pounds. I am trying to work out with weights at least 3 times a week and do 40 mins on the treadmill at least once. I don’t really care if that isn’t ideal, it is where I am starting.


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