I worked in the IS department because I wanted to work deliberately

The 20 tips that got me an IT promotion – by Dumb Little Man

These are pretty good. I think what a lot of the “How To Get Ahead” tips that I have read boil down to is intentionality. Being self aware and deliberate about one’s actions at work (and for that matter in other areas of life).

Intentionality implies knowing the whys instead of performing rote actions.

Intentionality implies self direction (You know, that internal locus of control you learned about your first semester of buiness in college).

Intentionality implies making the choice each day to be the intial actor, to take the initiative and continue to own it.

Intentionality seperates the interesting people I know from the boring ones.

I am intentionally intentionally writing this blog (and no, I didn’t stutter) as a tool to improve my reading, writing and analyisis faculties.


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